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The Modern Green Idea House

The Green Idea House is complete whole house remodel and room addition and the creation of a Passive Home.  The goals of the project were to build a home that is Net Zero Energy, zero carbon producing, non-toxic with good indoor air quality, resource efficient, low maintenance, beautiful, functional, and built with low embodied energy. The Green Idea House is a Southern California Edison pilot project for new construction homes to be built to Net Zero standards.

Some of the notable features include an air leakage test 82% better than California Building Code, diversion of more than 97% of demolition and construction waste from the landfill, several community tours and outreach, quality construction trainings to contractors, building officials, and homeowners, awarded 2012 Los Angeles County Green Leadership Award, Build It Green's 10,000th Green Point Rated Home with 195 points, 1200 gallon rain water harvesting system, whole house gray water system, drain water heat recovery system, radiant hydronic base board heat, heat pump water heaters, phase change drywall, a clerestory at the top of the stairs which provides passive cooling and lighting, and eave overhangs and site orientation to maximize pass heating. Located in Hermosa Beach, CA.

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