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Our green and sustainable design-built homes and remodels incorporate a whole-house strategy and smart building practices that provide comfort, healthy indoor air quality, lower water and energy bills, reduced maintenance costs, and reduced replacement requirements.

Every home we remodel and build is unique, which means there is no perfect comprehensive recipe for the "right" green solution from one home to the next. We always achieve a high level of quality craftsmanship and sustainability in each project we are involved in because of our home performance and building science expertise.

Similarly, we understand that every family we work with and budget for green home upgrades is also unique. With this in mind, we help our clients reduce costs and empower them to leverage opportunities when green remodeling so the improvements are cost effective.

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We recently purchased a 1910 Foursquare Arts and Crafts home in downtown Long Beach that had a lot of deferred maintenance and needed a ton of work. We wanted an eco-friendly, high efficiency home remodel, so we hired Harding Design & Construction for our roof, windows, window trim, paint, flooring, wall insulation, attic insulation, and two high-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems. Wes was very knowledgeable and always helpful during the remodeling and rebate application process. We love how he raised the floor of our attic to accommodate plenty of insulation and plenty of storage. We were able to obtain rebates for work we had already planned on doing and we also were awarded a GreenPoint Rating Green Home Certificate for the improvements we made to our house. Our home is now quiet and comfortable year round, and our power and gas bills are very low.

Ryan and Vinita Harty
Downtown Long Beach, CA


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