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ADU 88591018 smAccessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) come in several forms and go by several different names, including "Granny Flats," "Mother-In-Law Suites," "Guest Houses," “Backyard Homes,” “Cottages,” and more.

An ADU is a fully functioning living space with bathroom facilities, sleeping area, and a kitchen. It is a small, self-contained residential unit located on the same lot as an existing single-family home. An ADU can be a remodel of an existing interior space, an attic dwelling, a basement apartment, an addition attached to the house or garage, or a separate dwelling located on the property. An ADU cannot exceed a minimum living area of 150 square feet and maximum of 1200 square feet.

Every city/county has its own ADU zoning requirements which were created to minimize potential conflicts in the community between neighbors. Here are some of the typical requirements: a limit of building square footage, minimum lot size, parking, location on the lot, and a requirement that the owner of the property lives in one of the units.

762522199 smWe listen and work hand in hand with you to design, build, and manage your Accessory Dwelling Unit project to meet your expectations in aesthetics, function, craftsmanship, budget, and time frame.

We put you first and take your satisfaction very seriously. We are a team dedicated to ensuring that your needs are heard and are always our highest priority throughout your journey with us.

Please contact us so we can help you navigate the process of building an ADU and determine if your property meets your city or county requirements.

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