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Convert Your Garage Economically!

  1. ADU greenUnderstand the true costs of blueprints, plans, and construction so you have peace of mind in moving forward, NO HIDDEN FEES!
  2. Our ADU premade studio and one-bedroom floor plans will fit to your style and needs.
  3. You will know how long it will take to convert your garage into an ADU.
  4. We share the potential increased property value and property taxes of building an ADU.
  5. We know the California and city building codes and quickly obtain planning and building permits.
  6. We frequently build a second-floor room addition to increase square footage to create a two bedroom ADU.

Garage ADU plan

Our ADU Garage Conversion Designs Include Features you Would Expect in your Own Home

  • A kitchen that is functional and easy to use
  • Maximized storage solutions so there’s plenty of space for your stuff
  • Light and airy design that makes the space feel larger
  • Multi-function common areas
  • A full-sized bathroom
  • Fully functioning washer and dryer
  • Energy efficient heating
  • Privacy from the main home
  • Extending the indoor living space to the outdoor


Floorplans sq smTop 5 Benefits of Converting your Garage into an ADU

1. The shell of the structure is already built. There are large cost savings for not having to build a completely new foundation, structural framing, and new roof.
2. You won’t need to sacrifice yard space when locating your ADU.
3. Construction time can be completed in as little time as 8 weeks.
4. Preserve the history of your home and architectural design. No matter If your garage is decades or centuries old, pass it on to future generations.
5. Reuse, repurpose, and lower your carbon footprint with a green and sustainable ADU with less construction waste.


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