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One of the most striking things about ADUs is the utility they provide.

Family membersSupport Your Family:

  • An ADU allows an elderly parent to be close but also to live independently and enhance your family’s life. ADUs are typically smaller and easier to care for. Our Aging-In-Place design strategies create a home that is usable no matter the age or physical condition of the occupants.
  • An ADU can provide a safe and private haven for your children during or after college while they focus on school or are transitioning into the workforce.

piggy bankInvest in your property and become financially secure:

  • Rental income from a second unit can allow you to buy a home you may not have been able to afford otherwise and pay down your mortgage more quickly.
  • Utilize a rental property for retirement and passive income.

Build A Place of Sanctuary:

  • gardenEscape while remodeling your main home.
  • Travel more often by renting out your main house and having an ADU to return to as needed.
  • A separate office/personal space for peace of mind and to be able increase productivity.
  • A guest room for visitors.

Contact us so we can create an ADU that will meet your needs.


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