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Can you help me evaluate the return on investment of building an ADU?
Yes. There is equity added to your property when remodeling, adding square footage, or building an ADU. If you plan to rent your ADU we will help factor in the passive income to determine your ROI.

Can I install an ADU on my property?
If you live in a single-family zoned district in the state of California, you can legally build an ADU on your property; however you will have to meet the local zoning regulations.

What size ADU can I put on my property?
In California, you can you build an ADU between 150 - 1200 square feet although local City/County jurisdiction will be the determining factor.

Can I rent my ADU and is it a duplex?
Yes, you can rent your ADU, but in most areas the property owner must live in either the main home or the ADU. It is not considered a duplex.

Who does the work to obtain city approval of my ADU?
We facilitate city approval to address all the building and zoning requirements and take the burden off of you.

How long does it take to design and build an ADU and what does it cost?
There’s really no straight answer to this question without knowing more about your goals and the parameters surrounding your property. We need to weigh many factors and variables such as the location of the ADU on your property, if the existing infrastructure of your home will support an ADU, your design preferences, how big you want your ADU to be and how many rooms you need, the number of bathrooms, the level of finish materials, and more. Within our initial communications will determine early-on the best course of action for your backyard home.

Can you help me remodel my home while you build an ADU?
Absolutely! We sometimes will complete the ADU build first for you to live in while we remodel the main home second.

Can you design an ADU so I still have privacy in my current home?
Yes, retaining your privacy and quality of life is a top priority.

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